+ Generate iiaom How?
Work offline and click "Generate Iiaom":
  • 1. browse to open your personal image file, such as picture of your face, of your symbol, of your telephone number, of your email address or of any other thing agreed in your community as uniquely identifying you.
  • 2. compress to encrypt personal image by (creating archive .zip or .7z with your secret password - use options) and
    • browse to open the encrypted file.
  • 3. Save in type of archive (.zip or .7z).
  • iiaom create Some Notes About the Iiaom:
  • 1. Your iiaom file can be used as your peer to peer Id card, while its file name as your id for your communication (chat/email/webrtc), transactions (for reducing risk of middle man attack stealing your identity) or as your name in social networks, as well as a table-key for your private data, keeping your identity linked but isolated and encrypted by trustee.
  • 2. Your reputation number is calculated in base 32 as contacts*1024+1023*(contacts/signatures).
  • 3.In another file: iiaom-file-name.pub, the reputation number is kept togather with your pubkey and the signatures of your trustee you show and for sorting by reputation use addtional empty iiaom-file-name.reputation.
  • 4. group inner usage: Every user has the csv file corresponding to [table name] of which records are distributed (in attachment and in privteq protocol) in the mailing list of the group, as the table has: signature (Approver), iiaom(Approver), iiaom(Approved), reputation(Approved).
  • To do:

    + PrivateQ protocol:

    PrivateQ is a protocol for Privately querying, when having media storage secured, while sending to individuals or transmitting to group, where, each fields is encrypted by the pub key of the scope defined by the column and the scopes are:

    For reducing centralization: Tables holding such privateQ could be downloaded for being cloned by the users.
    More practical and easy to use, but less secure than privateq, as it is depended on all members, not only on each of them, is PrivateL.
    PrivateL: Private list management, when using enigmail or other MUAs, where any message to the list is sent encrypted to group of recipients created by gpg2 --group name="a b c d", so that any new member sends her/his pubK to the list and creates her/his group from any other member and the list is updated when members leav.

    + Use cases:

    Your iiaom can be used in combination with Tel number, email, address, paypal address, web address, wallet-id etc, while using privateq via mailing list distribution .
    Example: Rcoin in self organized and decentralized accessing by sellers in multiple currencies price and/or decentralized routing by exchangers in p2p exchangers points. Use it as multiple currencies price is e.g. of 3 values like fiat-currencies-central-bank-money (eg. euro, dollar or yuan), Cryptocurrency (eg. bitcoin ,peercoin, faircoin) , and LETS (eg.tp, rcoin, ces), where sellers can act also as as exchangers (to reduce middle man).

    For those who confuse between having control and (having) access and then between access and identity, let's remember/understand how naturally any identity is created and grows, isn't it as the sum of individual and mutual reactions between each one and the one's others?